A Love Letter to Flowers

A Love Letter to Flowers

By Lillie Geeslin

A Love Letter to Flowers

Imagine a warm June morning where a light breeze brings a beautiful waft of lilacs, or as a child when you spend those long July afternoons picking dandelions, because to you they were beautiful, or seeing a field of sunflowers on a hot August evening reminding you to stop and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Flowers stir an emotion in us.  We give flowers for milestones, they are at every wedding, celebrate an occasion like a baby, comfort people in times of hardship, like a sickness, or even to console a death.  Flowers make us smile, a simple act of kindness in giving flowers lets us know that someone is thinking about us…even if there is no occasion to celebrate.   The simple act of “smelling the roses” slows us down, if for just a moment… to bring you back to a time in your life that you cherish. 

The busy spring pace at the greenhouse sometimes doesn’t allow me to really slow down to even realize it is spring.  But every morning before the greenhouse is open, the sun is rising, the morning dew is on the grass and the birds are singing.  I step into the greenhouse dedicated to our ever-growing flower farm and things slow down… my eyes skim across the rows and rows of freshly bloomed flowers, that somehow overnight have shown their lovely beauty.  It is early morning and time to harvest…. I enjoy the moments of silence and the slower pace, examining what is ready to pick, this time is just for me, to pause and enjoy what we have spent months in cold weather preparing for.

As I harvest these flowers I do not, exactly at that moment, know who they will go to or where they will go, but I smile. Imagining that a bride might lovingly walk down the aisle to the love of her life holding these flowers, maybe every anniversary she gets that same bloom that brings her back to that day.  Maybe these flowers will celebrate a new mother and from that moment on she will associate her beautiful baby with the smell of sweet pea.  Maybe this flower will bring a smile to someone who is hurting, even if that smile is fleeting, but represents better days to come.

Flowers are emotional, they are more than something that simply grows in the ground, is picked, and dies.  Flowers symbolize something more…love, hope, and cherished memories…so take a moment…stop, slow down, and smell the roses.

With Love,