How This Crazy Thing All Started

How This Crazy Thing All Started

By Lillie Geeslin

How This Crazy Thing All Started

A little about me + how I started here at Mill Creek.

What is it like starting a new career in a field you are not awfully familiar with?  To make a change from what you are used to. 

I started here at Mill Creek Gardens a year + a half ago.  I left a 12-year career in health care to follow a passion, really. A desire for being outside, for things that grow, for getting to design wedding florals and be involved in the wedding process, but mostly just a passion to do all things creative. 

So how did this all start you ask?  You all know Danielle, she is that beautiful, tall, smiley girl always walking around, + always busy! 

Danielle + I met a few years ago, I had volunteered to paint faces at Hub City days for the children’s area.  I happened to be the ONLY volunteer + Danielle jumped right in to help.  Being the creative person I am, I had practiced very elaborate face paint on my own children the week leading up to Hub City days, so I would really impress.  I was quickly introduced to Danielle, we sat down, I showed her what I had taught myself + we were off to the races.  We had kids in line 10 deep, but we quickly found out we worked well together, we were both creative, we loved interacting with people, + were both just the happy go lucky type.  If you know us separately, + especially if you know us together, we obviously knocked it out of the park!

I would often shop at Mill Creek for my spring annuals + anytime I would see Danielle we would say a quick hi, she would help me, we would laugh about the craziness that was face painting + how we met, then I would go on my way.  Not in a million years would I have thought that interaction with Danielle a few years ago would lead to an amazing career with incredible people, where my voice + opinion is valued. 

A year after we first met, I just so happen to see a post by Mill Creek for the position I have now.  Oh gosh, how I dreamed of working here, spending all that time with flowers.  Being outside, but I was afraid to apply.  I was afraid to leave a job in healthcare that I went to school for.  I was afraid that everyone would think I was ridiculous for leaving a job like that.  Well after dreaming about the Mill Creek job for a week, I decided, what would just applying for the job hurt…nothing!  At least I wouldn’t look back + regret not even trying. 

Fast forward to now, I have been here for a year + a half.  So, what is it like to work at Mill Creek?  Well, somehow along the way I have become a complete houseplant hoarder, I surprise myself on the knowledge I have picked up along the way when it comes to all the things we grow.   I get many steps in a day, I always have dirt under my nails, I will drink 64oz of water in a day + sweat it all out.  I have used muscles I didn’t even know I have, some days I go home sore like I had a major workout.  It’s not always “sunshine + roses”, but it kind of is always “sunshine + roses”! 

Everyday I see smiling faces, I see joy in people.  I work at a place that people come to for a retreat, they come here to dream, the place I work makes people happy.  I get to explore my creativity in every way imaginable.  What more could anyone ask for?

So, I’ll see you around the greenhouse.  I’ll help you dream, I’ll help you wind down, I’ll help you find the love of nature + flowers.  I may be running around with dirt under my nails, + my hair in a messy bun, but I’ll always give you smile.  Maybe you will even see the dream team (me + Danielle) rocking a project!  These girls got dreams + they are BIG!

Much love,