Local Goods @ Mill Creek

Local Goods @ Mill Creek

By Jennifer LaMontagne

Local Goods @ Mill Creek

Can we talk about this family, right here?! 🥰 Meet Alison + her beautiful family; owners of The Local!

Alison + her local crew just celebrated 6 years in business serving central Wisconsin with Midwest goods...made with SO much love. Their shops in Weston + Wausau are always fresh + fun to browse!

When she asked if there was opportunity to share a corner of our new plant shop with her, it was an instant + easy, “YES”.

The collection of goods that The Local carries at Mill Creek ranges from functional to ornamental, gifts for friends to gifts for kiddos, and something you’d like to something your spouse would like!

At Mill Creek, we’re hoping to break the “greenhouse” mold - YES, think about us for houseplants + plants for your garden, but also think about us as a place to find the perfect gift, a place to treat yourself, a place to spend a morning or afternoon with loved ones.  AND don’t worry about the season, we’re open year round!

Supporting local feels good + it’s so easy at Mill Creek!  Check out a few of our staff plant + local good picks below! 



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