2023 Spring Annuals of the Year

2023 Spring Annuals of the Year

By Jennifer LaMontagne

2023 Spring Annuals of the Year

Now is a great time to start thinking about designing your potted containers and garden beds.  If you are looking for unique and interesting additions, try celosia and gomphrena, which were voted “2023 Annuals of the Year”! These annuals would look great added as center pieces to your potted containers, in the front or back of your garden bed, or even planted by themselves.    

CELOSIA: There are 45 different species of celosia ranging in many colors, textures, and heights.  Celosia are grouped in 3 categories: plumosa, cristata,  and spicata; that range in heights from 5”to 36” tall.  Plumosa varieties have bold and bright flower colors.  Cristata varieties have the most unique flower shape and spicata varieties have long, tall flower spikes.  Celosia grows best in 6 to 8 hours of full sun and in well-drained soil.  Removing old blooms promotes new growth.  The flowers can be used in dried displays.

We've got Kelos Atomic Purple and Intenz Dark Purple varieties this spring. Kelos Atomic Purple will grow to 12" tall; has tall, violet-pink flower stalks and dark green-burgundy leaves. Intenz Dark Purple grows up to 18" tall and has long, rich purple flower spikes that sit atop bright green leaves.

GOMPHRENA: Originally from Central and South America, gomphrena prefers full sun and moist, well-drained soil.  Once established, it tolerates dry conditions.  Round, globe-shaped flowers sit atop tall rigid stalks.  There are many varieties of gomphrena, ranging in colors of pink, purple, and white; with heights ranging from 12” to 26” tall.  For a unique contrast in the garden, plant purple varieties of gomphrena with shorter yellow flowers, such as lantana and marigolds.  Pair pink gomphrena with dark-leaved coleus or a blue salvia.  Use flowers in fresh cut bouquets or dried displays.  Gomphrena is a great addition for a pollinator garden. This spring, we will have the Qis Carmine and Ping Pong Mix varieties. Qis Carmine variety grows up to 26" tall and has dark red flowers. The Ping Pong Mix variety grows up to 20" tall and has a mix of dark purple, lilac, and white flowers.

Come April 14th, you can check out these beautiful flowers along with our other beautiful spring annuals!  We're anxious to chat with you about about spring potted container ideas and our great selection of containers!


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