4 Tips to beautiful flowers ALL SUMMER LONG!

4 Tips to beautiful flowers ALL SUMMER LONG!

By Jennifer LaMontagne

4 Tips to beautiful flowers ALL SUMMER LONG!
Want to keep your annuals looking good through the summer but not sure how?
Here are some helpful tips!
Watering is essential during hot, dry summers.  Water early in the morning, before the heat of the day, to minimize evaporation.  It’s best to water near the base of the plant to prevent leaf diseases from occurring.  To ensure more efficient root systems, water thoroughly, making sure the water sinks deep into the roots + out of the bottom of the pot.  
We fertilize regularly at Mill Creek, using Jack’s All Purpose fertilizer.  For stunning plants all summer long, we suggest fertilizing weekly.  Jack’s fertilizer can be used on indoor and outdoor plants.  It provides the perfect ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium your plants need for growing healthy roots and luscious flowers. 
Pruning and deadheading weekly will help flowers stay looking good all summer long.  In general, most annuals can be pruned.  Prune any dead or dying branches to keep your plant healthy and disease free.  Certain annuals benefit from an occasional deadheading, as well.  These would be geraniums, impatiens, petunias, and marigolds, just to name a few.  
A note about soil - we recommend planting in fresh soil every year because over time, soil loses its nutrients.  We use + offer ProMix soil for its quality components that nourish your plants and provide good drainage.  You'd be surprised how much better your flowers do with fresh soil!  
Got a specific plant care question?  Let us help! Stop and chat with us on tips for keeping your plants looking good all summer long! We've also got ProMix soil, Soil Moist, Jack’s All Purpose fertilizer, and clippers for pruning available for purchase.  
Let us help you enjoy your flowers from spring to fall! 


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