Keep Your Love "Growing" with  Orchids + Philodendron

Keep Your Love "Growing" with Orchids + Philodendron

By Jennifer LaMontagne

Keep Your Love "Growing" with  Orchids + Philodendron

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, do you know what you're going to get for your significant other?  How about a plant from Mill Creek?

We have beautiful Orchids in various colors, just in time for Valentine’s Day + 20 different varieties of Philodendron that we grow on-site.  These would make great gifts for your plant-loving Valentine!

Orchids were voted the ‘2023 Houseplant of the Year’ by the National Garden Bureau. Orchids come in various colors, shapes, and sizes.  These plants are low maintenance, prefer moist, well-drained soil, and lots of indirect sunlight.  Orchids have unique roots that can help tell you its watering needs.  Bright green roots indicate that the plant has just been watered.  A silvery green color indicates that the plant needs to be watered.  Orchids also produce air roots that stick out of the soil, these aid the plant in obtaining nutrients and moisture.

Philodendrons are low maintenance and prefer warm, humid environments.  They like moist soil but need to dry out between waterings.  Philodendrons thrive in bright, indirect light. Narrow Escape, also known as Tiger Tooth, is an upright variety that has dark green, long, narrow, serrated leaves that branch off of yellow stems. Fuzzy Petiole is a vining variety with bright green, round, deeply veined leaves.  Pink Princess has show-stopping dark green and pink variegated, heart-shaped vining leaves.  This is truly a stunner for the plant collection!  These are just a few of the unique Philodendron varieties that Mill Creek Gardens grows.

Visit us at Mill Creek Gardens to get the perfect Orchid or Philodendron for your sweetie (or yourself) for Valentine’s Day!  


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