Our Winter Challenge

Our Winter Challenge

By Danielle Winer

Our Winter Challenge

Our hearts are racing. We don’t have much time!  He needs the tools + I need to stay positive.  It’s-15F outside + the greenhouse heat isn’t working.  Our little plant babies need warmth + if we don’t fix this fast, they will all perish, like thousands of them will perish.  OH, and it’s dark…why didn’t we replace that light bulb when we had the chance?!  Time to troubleshoot, fast.  Is the thermostat not working? Is there a frozen pipe? Are the boilers malfunctioning?  This is no time to panic.  This is a time to think through issues, troubleshoot, + get the heat rolling again! 

I wish I could say this has only happened once in the years Erik + I have been growing. Nope! It’s happened more times than I can remember!  And it’s not because we haven’t invested in the right equipment or that we don’t have the know-how.  It’s more like, when things get really really cold, they just don’t work how they should.   

You might say, “well, what do you expect when you operate a greenhouse in Wisconsin in the middle of the winter?!”  YEP, you 100% have a point!  We always have the super cold snaps.  The blizzards come EVERY. DARN. YEAR.  Sometimes, I think we do it for the thrill of the challenge, hah! 

Regardless, we won’t stop growing + starting our little plant babies each January for you. We’ve got a good reason for why we start plants ourselves.  We can control the crop quality + offer a better plant to you!  And we can say that pretty much everything you take home from our greenhouse is of us.  That is, we started it, we nurtured it, and we are lovingly passing it on to you. NOW DON’T KILL IT!! Hehe. Just kidding. (for more about becoming less of a plant serial killer, follow along with Lillie’s blog, “The Dirt" ~with Lillie).


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