Plants + Placemaking

Plants + Placemaking

By Danielle Winer

Plants + Placemaking

Placemaking is something that has always inspired me. And now that I’m 30 (eeekkkk!!), I find myself reflecting on it more and more. Placemaking is the concerted effort to make a space meaningful, by promoting well-being + inspiration. When done right, it energizes + builds up the individual and the community.

My first true experience of placemaking was as a young girl at church. Being a PK (pastor’s kid), I was at church A LOT. While it was a simple brick building, it was a space that built me up + helped to shape who I am today. I felt loved when an elderly woman, a few pews back, smiled at me as I rambunctiously distracted her from my dad’s sermon. I felt adventurous running behind the church + picking as many dandelions as I could fit in my ice cream pail. I felt challenged to love those who teased the tall girl in class (me!).

Placemaking was relevant to me as a volleyball athlete at Marquette University. Our games were at the Al McGuire Center in downtown Milwaukee + while it was in the same building we practiced in, something changed when the lights came on, the band played, and our opponents met us across the net. I felt empowered, like I was going into battle with my teammates. I felt supported, as my friends and family cheered me on. I felt part of a legacy, as we worked our tails off to win a bid in the NCAA tournament for the first time in program history.

Now, at Mill Creek, it’s my turn to place make. Yep, it's a verb. How do I want folks to feel when they visit our greenhouse? Not only our customers, but also our team of employees. What are we teaching? How are we encouraging you to feel? I hope when you walk into our doors you feel inspired. Inspired by the fresh air, the plants, and the creativity of our staff. I want you to feel welcome + empowered to take on the healthy challenge of loving a plant. I want our team to embrace their roles + feel freedom to express their creativity + skills without fear of making a mistake. 

At Mill Creek, we are about learning + offering grace along the way (because we don’t always get it right the first time).

These are the thoughts that ring in my head as I work diligently to grow + change at Mill Creek!

So yes, we want to be about more than just plants + flowers; for ourselves, our team, + our customers. We hope a visit to our place makes your day a little better and just plain inspires you!

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