The Man + his Machines

The Man + his Machines

By Danielle Winer

The Man + his Machines

I wish you could see my husband’s wheels turn, like I do.  The poor man can’t turn it off.  He’s always thinking, scheming, and dreaming about our business; especially when it comes to energy-efficiently, sustainability, and how we can make our team more productive. Erik is a trained engineer, so he’s always got a project in mind. 

Many of you already know that we invested in a wood chip boiler about three years ago that runs on locally sourced, waste wood (oftentimes, old cranberry crates from local bogs). This was HUGE for us as it limited our reliance on propane, and allowed us to rely mainly on a renewable resource.  In 2021, we’ve commissioned new table heat for our propagation house, allowing our young plants to root faster and promote their overall health.  This also allows us to grow at a lower ambient temperature, resulting in less fuel usage.  We also invested in more supplemental lighting that gives our young plants the extra light they need to grow healthy + happy from the start.  Cool, right?!  WAIT, it gets better.

Remember, I mentioned ways that we can make our team more efficient?  Well, this year, we invested in about 100 feet of automatic belt conveyors that allows us to move plants lickety-split.  I’m not exaggerating here.  Each spring, it could take us a FULL WEEK to move plants from one greenhouse to another.  Now, with these belt conveyors, we can move the same number of plants IN ONE DAY and our team won’t even break a sweat. This means our team can focus more on plant + customer care! Whoop, Whoop!

Pretty nerdy, but cool stuff, right?!  We think so. When your take our plants home, you can know that you’re supporting an engineer’s dream and a team that is doing everything in its power to do right by the planet, the plant, and our lovely customers. 

If you found this "behind the scenes" look interesting, tell a friend about us and get them hooked on plants just like (we hope) you are!




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