3 FAV Indoor Plants that THRIVE in Low Light!

3 FAV Indoor Plants that THRIVE in Low Light!

By Jennifer LaMontagne

3 FAV Indoor Plants that THRIVE in Low Light!

Little light? NO PROBLEM. 

Are you thinking of getting a houseplant, but are hesitant because of the shorter days coming?  Or maybe you have an area in your home that gets little light, but you'd like to have a houseplant there. 

Your solution: Get houseplants that can tolerate low light.  Low light is defined as at least 4 hours of indirect sunlight per day.  Here are three of my top picks.  

pothos pickle and snake plants
Pothos - One of the most common and low-maintenance trailing or climbing houseplants that come in many different varieties.  They prefer weekly waterings.  We have N’Joy, Cebu Blue, and Golden varieties available. 
Pickle Plant - A unique green and white patterned succulent with upright pencil-like stems.  They are drought tolerant.  Allow soil to dry between waterings.  This easy-to-care for houseplant would be a great addition for those looking to add more eccentricity to their collection.
Snake Plant - A low-maintenance houseplant that prefers the soil to dry out between waterings.  These are known for purifying toxins out of the air.  We have common and more rare varieties, such as: Lilliput, Robusta, Zeylanica, Laurentii, Tiger, and many more. 
We know plants make us happy + if you're feeling anxious about cooler weather coming, here are some ways plants help us through fall + winter:
-Plants decrease sadness by releasing happy chemicals in our brains.
-They boost our immune system - combat cold season! 
-They purify air - especially when winter doesn't allow us to open our windows!
Stop by Mill Creek to get your low-light houseplant to help you get through the gloomy days of winter - we'd love to see you! 


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