5 Tips For Bringing Plants Indoors!

5 Tips For Bringing Plants Indoors!

By Jennifer LaMontagne

5 Tips For Bringing Plants Indoors!

With the cooler nights we’ve been having, it’s time to bring your plants inside.  Follow these tips for a smooth transition.


Brrr...its chilly!  The rule of thumb is to move your houseplants inside before the night temperatures get below 45 degrees to prevent foliage damage.


Give plants time to acclimate.  Your plants will need time to adjust to lower light as well as a different location.  Usually, you want to start to move your plants to a shady spot a few weeks before you plan to bring them indoors.  This will help them get used to the lower light that they receive indoors.  Your plant may drop leaves after you move them inside.  This just means that they are adjusting to a new location.

bringing plants indoors for the winter 

Check for pests.  Inspect underneath the leaves and on the stems.  Use an insecticide or a soapy mixture to clean off any pests that are present.  I recommend (and we offer at Mill Creek) We The Wild Protect Spray, which has neem oil in it. 


Reduce watering and fertilizing.  Houseplants need less water in the winter because of the shorter days and less intense sun.  Most tropical plants tend to go into a dormancy period during winter, which means they require less water and fertilizer.  


Provide light and humidity.  With the shorter days during winter, consider using a grow light.  Also, your plants would appreciate a humidifier or a regular misting during winter because of the dry air in our houses.


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