BTS - Winter Greenery Edition

BTS - Winter Greenery Edition

By Jennifer LaMontagne

BTS - Winter Greenery Edition

Curious what our Winter Greenery Workshop really looks like?!


It’s a busy time of year for us @ Mill Creek - We've been  making wreaths, garland, porch pots, and lots more since Mid-October!    

 mill creek greenery crew

Our boughs come from local tree farms in Wisconsin and a few specialty boughs come from out West.  We use boughs from the trees of Balsam, Frasier, White Pine, Spruce, Cedar, and Noble to make our product.  Three semi loads of boughs are needed to produce all of our winter greenery!  We take great care in producing quality handmade winter greenery products.  


To produce our winter greenery most efficiently, we set up stations to work in teams.  Two people cut the boughs and one person assembles the wreath.  Each wreath size requires different size cuttings.  It's important to cut the correct length to make the wreath look lush and full.  We produce many different sizes of wreaths - some larger than 7 feet wide!  

There are two people who work at the garland stations.  One person cuts the boughs, the other uses the machine to make the garland.  The amount of garland we make can stretch across the city of Marshfield!  

 mill creek greenery crew

Porch pots and specialty sleeves are made using our conveyor belts.  Team members are set up at different stations, cutting and placing different boughs and decorations in pots.  It’s quite the process!   


We sell our winter greenery in our retail shop (stay tuned, some greenery will be available this weekend!) and to other retailers across the country.  We ship mostly in the Midwest but go as far as Arizona!


Stop by Mill Creek to get your winter greenery ideas for decorations and gifts for loved ones.   Continue scrolling to find out more about our holiday events + workshop!  


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