It's Time to Decorate!

It's Time to Decorate!

By Jennifer LaMontagne

It's Time to Decorate!

Let's get inspired together with these great holiday decorating ideas!

At Mill Creek, we've got every type of greenery you could dream of to make your home extra cozy + special this holiday season! And it's all made by our dedicated staff!  

decorate with various greenery

 Garland (made of fir or cedar) can be wrapped around staircases; hung above a doorway, on mantels, along curtain rods; or used as a backdrop (check out ours in the retail shop).  You can leave your garland plain or decorate it with pinecones, berries, or lights.  

Wreaths can be hung on a door, in a window, on a wall, or above a mantel.  We offer wreaths that are pre-decorated as well as undecorated ones.  If you prefer to decorate your own wreath, we have all the fixings!

 kissing balls and porch pots

Hang kissing balls in doorways, in a window, or above a mantel.  Kissing balls can be decorated with bows, pine cones, and berries. We also offer swags, which can be hung on doors, walls, fences, on the back of chairs, or used as a centerpiece. 

We offer large and small fresh bundled greens, which can be used to fill empty flower pots or placed in vases.  If you don't want the hassle of making it yourself, we offer pre-made porch pots to put on your patio or in the entryway.  

Stop by Mill Creek to check out all that we have to offer for holiday decorating!  Scroll down for upcoming holiday workshops and events, too!


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