Houseplants for Every Corner of Your Home

By Jennifer LaMontagne

Not sure if your houseplant is in its prime location?

Houseplants vary in their light needs - follow these suggestions when choosing where to put certain plants in your home!  

North-Facing Windows let in low to moderate, indirect light.  Pothos, Snake Plants, and ZZ Plants do well in north-facing windows.

zz monstera philodendron
East-Facing Windows let in medium to bright, indirect light.  Think of the gentle morning sun shining through the windows.  Plants that can handle a range of sunlight are best suited in these windows.  Examples would be: Ficus, Hoya, Monstera, and Philodendron.

South-Facing Windows have bright, direct light (can be full sun).  These areas get the most heat because of the warm afternoon sun.  Plants that are best suited in these spaces are: Bird of Paradise, Cacti, Jade, Palms, and Succulents.

philodendron spider and peperomia
West-Facing Windows let in medium to bright, indirect light.  These are similar to east facing windows but tend to be warmer because they get more of the afternoon sun.  Many houseplants do well in west-facing windows.  Examples are: Peperomia, Pickle Plant, and Syngonium.

Other considerations + a few definitions:

Are there any obstructions in your windows, such as blinds, curtains, or trees outside.  What is the size of your window?  These things factor into how much sunlight can reach your plants. 

Definition of low light - 4 hours of indirect sunlight or less.  If your plant is further away from a window, this also means it is getting low light.  

Definition of high light - 6 hours of sunlight or more.

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