The Nature of Nourishment

The Nature of Nourishment

By Jennifer LaMontagne

The Nature of Nourishment

Nourish your plants and your plants, in turn, will nourish you! 

Are the cold winter months getting to you?  Taking care of plants can be a therapeutic and nourishing activity.  Plants add beauty to our surroundings and also contribute to a healthier indoor environment. 

plants and coffee

Plants decrease sadness by releasing happy chemicals in your brain.

Plants can help us practice mindfulness, which helps decrease stress, depression, and anxiety.  As you care for your plants be present with yourself.  The act of physically touching your plants increases serotonin levels, which makes you happy.  Did you know that humans unconsciously associate the color green with happiness and health?

 Plants boost your immune system.

Plants purify the air as well as bring us happiness, which helps to boost your immune system.  Many plants, such as various herbs, are used for medicinal purposes to help strengthen the immune system.

shopping at mill creek

Plants purify the air.

Plants use a process called photosynthesis, which is when a plant takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.  Humans breathe in the oxygen and release carbon dioxide.  We need plants because they create clean air that we can breathe.  Studies have shown that 87% of toxins are removed from the air when plants are present.  Snake plants are one of the best air purifying plants because they absorb many different toxins.  


Stop by Mill Creek to get your dose of plant nourishment and check out the many different air purifying plants we have!  Stay tuned for mental health workshops coming up, as well. 


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