Mill Creek - Your Local Greenhouse + SO MUCH MORE!!

Mill Creek - Your Local Greenhouse + SO MUCH MORE!!

By Jennifer LaMontagne

Mill Creek - Your Local Greenhouse + SO MUCH MORE!!

What Makes Mill Creek Unique?

We're your local greenhouse...BUT, we want to be so much more than that to you.  We want to be known for our plants + beauty but also for our sustainable practices, + for being place where you feel welcome + comfortable.  

Read each section below for a snapshot of how Mill Creek unique. 

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Sustainability: We use compostable pots for annuals and perennials to reduce plastic use.  Last year, we kept 40,000 plastic pots out of the landfill!  To move plants easier from one greenhouse to another, we use conveyer belts, allowing our staff to be more efficient and grow more + healthier plants. 
To reduce transportation emissions from shipping, 98% of our plants are grown from seed, unrooted cutting, or tissue culture on site at Mill Creek.  
We reduce our carbon footprint by using renewable energy through heating our greenhouses with biomass. 
 sustainable greenhouse farming
Growing: Our propagation house (where the babies are grown) has heated tables and overhead grow lights, which allows us to root plants more quickly [even in the winter].  Seeds are sown using a seeding machine, which also increases our efficiency.  
Ecology: We strive for a balance between good + bad bugs.  Mill Creek uses the least toxic chemicals when treating a pest population.  We also use beneficial insects that feast on harmful pests.  This means less chemicals, a safe shopping experience, + healthier plants!
eco friendly offerings

Eco-Friendly offerings: You'll find more sustainable and eco-friendly goods in our shop because we want to encourage simple solutions that will have a positive impact on our planet.  

Something for Everyone: We continue to offer unique events, such as yoga, mindfulness exercises + seminars, storytime for children, and farm to table dinners.  Bistro tables are located inside the greenhouse or on the patio for anyone to sit, relax, and soak up sun + greenery.  At Mill Creek, we're kid and pet-friendly, offering a kids' coloring station and a gnome scavenger hunt.  We believe in treating everyone well + that plants make everyone happy!

Stop by Mill Creek to check out all the new sustainable home goodies and The Process refillery for soaps and lotions.  We've got yoga this weekend - see more info below! 


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