Let's Talk Indoor Pests

Let's Talk Indoor Pests

By Jennifer LaMontagne

Let's Talk Indoor Pests

We've heard it from a number of you already...your plants were doing great heading into the winter and now you've got pests!  What should you do?! 

Here are two common indoor pests [spider mites and mealybugs] and what to do about them! 

Spider mites are tiny spiders (about the size of fine sand) and hardly visible to the naked eye.  Like most spiders, they spin small webs.  Spider mite webs are often found beneath and between leaves and over flower buds.  Small yellow or brown spots may also appear on the tops of leaves.  A severe infestation will give the plant a dusty look, and the leaves will eventually turn a rusty red color before dropping off.  

 indoor houseplants

To control spider mites, mist the plant regularly with cold water.  Spider mites dislike the humidity and the cold.  Remove the webs and the spider mites by washing the foliage (leaves of the plant) in soapy water, paying particular attention to the undersides of all the leaves.  To ensure complete removal of the eggs, repeat the treatment every 3 to 4 days until the plant is clear.  Insecticidal spray or neem oil also works well for treatments - we carry We the Wild Protect Spray which is a neem oil and leaf shine spray. 

Mealybugs are off-white, almost pinkish in color and have flattened oval, segmented bodies.  Mealybug eggs are small, cottony masses, which can often be found beneath the leaves or where leaves join the stem.  Mealybugs like dark places and tight places in plants. It is a good idea to routinely check your plants to catch any infestations before they become severe.  A severe infestation may cause your plant to exhibit wilted, curled or yellowed leaves, as well as stunted growth. 

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To control mealybugs, clean off the insects and eggs with an alcohol-soaked cloth or cotton swab.  Mist the insects with a mild soapy solution and repeat if necessary on a weekly basis.  Insecticidal soap or neem oil (We the Wild Protect Spray) can be used to control mealybugs.  To help prevent future infestations, avoid over-watering or over-fertilizing, and keep leaves clean + free from dust! 

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